[p2p-hackers] Hard question....

Lars-Åke Larzon lln at it.uu.se
Mon Apr 3 06:22:20 UTC 2006

> Um... most connections aren't saturated 24x7.  Like, I have a 6Mbps
> connection and sometimes I'm just using AIM.  In this situation,  
> I'd like to
> measure that 5.9Mbps is free.  Any clever ideas on how to  
> accomplish this?

Well, if you are absolutely sure that your own connection always is  
the path bottleneck, you could simply keep track of your observed  
peak capacities, calculate an estimated capacity X and assume that X- 
your current load should be available. Keeping that estimate X on the  
lower end would give you a good enough approximation. This can be a  
good strategy for low-bandwidth access networks that then won't have  
to ramp up as slowly as TCP slowstart dictates.

But then, if you have a 6Mbps connection to the Internet, how often  
is that the actual bottleneck?


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