[p2p-hackers] Hard question....

David Barrett dbarrett at quinthar.com
Mon Apr 3 05:58:05 UTC 2006

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> From: Daniel Stutzbach
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> On Sun, Apr 02, 2006 at 02:34:43PM -0700, David Barrett wrote:
> > > Saturation is the goal.  Wasted bandwidth is bad.
> >
> > Well, yes, but I'm asking "how do you measure how much bandwidth is
> > currently being wasted by other applications, and then only use that
> > amount"?
> That is not actually the right question, because the answer is
> typically "None or very, very little".  TCP's goal is to achieve
> saturation and not leave unused capacity.  If you try to measure the
> "available bandwidth" that TCP leaves behind, you're not going to have
> much to work with.

Um... most connections aren't saturated 24x7.  Like, I have a 6Mbps
connection and sometimes I'm just using AIM.  In this situation, I'd like to
measure that 5.9Mbps is free.  Any clever ideas on how to accomplish this?


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