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You want to look into network coding. Coding transformsdata packets into
encoded packets, from which, if you have enough, you can recover the
original data packets. So there is no notion of resends with coding. You
simply encode and blast your file. When the receiver has received N+epsilon,
it'll be able to decipher all N.

With coding, there is no need for a back channel from the receiver-to-sender


On 4/1/06, Lemon Obrien <lemonobrien at yahoo.com> wrote:
> i have files being exchanged/downloaded using udp (last resort if tcp
> fails); now, with
> udp you know you'll need to do error correction if a packet is missing; i
> do this by sending a 're-send' message; but, as some of you know...you can
> not flod the network with thousands of resends...especially if you relay
> messages to the destination node...so, my question is; what is a good
> average mean time to keep sending 're-sends'...i have it working with 500
> milli-seconds and 1000...i want fast?
> Also, if no data is recieved, how long should i wait till i determine the
> connection is no longer valid?
> thanks
> lemon
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