[p2p-hackers] amicima's MFP - preannouncement

Matthew Kaufman matthew at matthew.at
Mon Jul 18 05:45:13 UTC 2005

For the past year and a half here at amicima, we've been developing some new
protocol technology particularly suited for multimedia transport and p2p
applications. A few months ago, we made the decision to open-source this
technology, and we've been getting it ready for public release.

The main announcement of the first big piece, the Secure Media Flow Protocol
(MFP) implementation, is just a couple weeks away (we hope... things can
move slowly at non-funded software startups), but in the meantime, I thought
that folks on this list might like to get a taste of what's to come, so
here's some links, in a shameless self-promotion of our work:

Technology overview:

The downloads page:
(Our BSD-licensed open-source object library for doing sophisticated
object-oriented programming in plain ANSI C is already available for
download there, the various MFP layers will be up as soon as we can get them
ready to ship, dual-licensed... GPL and an available commercial license for
proprietary apps)

And some initial protocol documentation:
(The implementation of the protocol described here will be our next
release... coming very soon... runs without modification on Windows, Mac OS
X, and Unix)

We've used this to build several applications, including a Skype-like VOIP
app that runs on Mac OS X and Windows XP. Using our underlying protocol and
p2p libraries, a Windows VOIP app that lets you place encrypted P2P (through
NAT) computer-to-computer calls, by name, to mobile endpoints, including
fast file transfer that doesn't impair the quality of the voice call, took
less than a week to whip up a working prototype. If there's demand, we'll
probably release that as a sample app with sources, once the MFP and MFPNet
layers and some other supporting libraries are available for download.

Matthew Kaufman
amicima, Inc.
matthew at amicima.com
matthew at matthew.at

Ps. One of the reasons I'm putting this preannouncement out on the
p2p-hackers list is that several folks on the list have mailed in the past
asking for more information about what we're doing at amicima and when they
can play with the technology, and I've managed to delete about half my list
of who those people were.

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