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I think this should be archived on the list.


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> From: Ethan Miller <elm at cs.ucsc.edu>
> Date: January 14, 2005 9:12:14 AM PST
> To: ian at locut.us, srhea at cs.berkeley.edu
> Cc: "Ethan L. Miller" <elm at cs.ucsc.edu>
> Subject: Prior art for the AltNet patent...
> For some of the claims (including claim 1), you might want to look at:
> Jeff Hollingsworth and Ethan Miller, "Using Content-Derived Names for 
> Configuration Management," 1997 Symposium on Software Reusability (SSR 
> '97), Boston, MA, May 1997, pages 104–109. 
> <http://www.cs.ucsc.edu/~elm/Papers/ssr97.pdf>
> Publication date is May 1997, so it definitely predates the patent.  
> It's not the only paper, either.  Merkle's hash trees are from the 
> 1980's.
> ethan
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