[p2p-hackers] Simple lightweight DHT

Sean C. Rhea srhea at cs.berkeley.edu
Tue Jan 11 22:35:06 UTC 2005

On Jan 11, 2005, at 2:29 AM, Zooko O'Whielacronx wrote:
> What a fascinating story!  What things did you have to learn and  
> invent during the course of that year to improve the performance of  
> Bamboo?

Both versions of the Bamboo paper (the technical report and the USENIX  
paper) cover some of the story.  They're available here:


They don't cover all of the mistakes we made, but they cover what we  
came to decide were the most important things.

I also recommend the Chord paper from NSDI that Michael Parker pointed  


Oh, yeah: also see the quote below.  :)
            The  unavoidable price of reliability is simplicity.
                           -- C.A.R. Hoare
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