[p2p-hackers] Altnet goes after p2p networks with obvious patent

Greg Bildson gbildson at limepeer.com
Tue Jan 11 20:20:08 UTC 2005

Just to be clear on the patents involved, there are two.  One was filed in
1997.  The other was filed in 1999.

This is a newer one of some kind (1999):

This is the 1997 one:

Any information about these and prior art would be greatly appreciated.


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> It seems that Altnet is finally going after file sharing networks with
> its laughably obvious patent on requesting files by a hash of the
> file's contents (fortunately Freenet's developers are predominantly
> European, and thus are largely immune to this).
> IIRC this patent was filed in 1997.  I think it is very important that
> those attacked challenge this patent head-on, either by claiming it is
> invalid due to being obvious, or finding prior art.
> I vaguely recall the last time I researched this that there was prior
> art from as early as 1990, I think it was Project Xanadu
> (http://xanadu.com/).
> Can anyone provide specific pointers to good examples of prior art?  If
> Altnet succeeds in extorting any money out of these P2P companies it
> will only serve to encourage them to attack others.
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