[p2p-hackers] Simple lightweight DHT

Sean C. Rhea srhea at cs.berkeley.edu
Tue Jan 11 00:00:10 UTC 2005

On Jan 10, 2005, at 3:42 PM, Cyber Demon wrote:
> I also wonder if it is a large task to implement a simple dht, are we
> talking a couple of days to get something basic working? I hope I am
> not just looking for the easy way out, but I dont want to spend the
> same amount of time attempting to use Bamboo or another system, when I
> could have put together something very specific to my needs, to be
> built upon later.

I wrote the Bamboo router and got it working in about a week, although 
I had the experience and code base from writing Tapestry (another DHT) 
before that, so I had a bit of a head start.

It took me another year to get Bamboo to perform as well as it does 
today.  I believe the Chord people had a similar experience.

So you COULD write your own DHT pretty quickly, but why WOULD you?

I definitely believe you might want to due to some inherent feature of 
the Bamboo implementation that annoys you (it's written in Java, it 
uses UDP, I don't know).  But the code base itself is designed to be 
reused across many applications.  At Berkeley, it's been used in the 
PIER, OceanStore, OpenDHT, and multiple class projects.  There's even a 
tutorial on how to use it.

And in the case that you don't like Java, you could try the MIT Chord 
implementation, which is also pretty good and is written in C++.

Both DHTs are available under open source licenses.

My recommendation, in short, is to find an existing DHT you can live 
with and extend it.  It will save you a lot of time.

                    Boredom is always counterrevolutionary.

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