[p2p-hackers] Simple lightweight DHT

Cyber Demon a.cyberdemon at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 23:42:08 UTC 2005

I am trying to use DHT as part of a decentralised system, I have found
many examples of this such as Bamboo and Tangle. I am looking for the
barebones of a distributed hash table, a very simple example that show
the concepts behind DHT's, helping me to design a specific hash table
for my needs.

Things that would help for example would be papers that focus on
implementing DHT's, or explanations, designs, and even pointers to
specific components within applications that may help my understanding
and design efforts.

I also wonder if it is a large task to implement a simple dht, are we
talking a couple of days to get something basic working? I hope I am
not just looking for the easy way out, but I dont want to spend the
same amount of time attempting to use Bamboo or another system, when I
could have put together something very specific to my needs, to be
built upon later.

Finally, are many of you guys working on mobile, ad-hoc projects? This
is my area of interest, and I thought I'd ask who else is looking at
such projects.


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