[p2p-hackers] p2p framework

Salem Mark unixsmaxer at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 1 18:28:16 UTC 2005

>From: "Greg Bildson" <gbildson at limepeer.com>
>You could build off the limewire.org open source code (currently down) or
>off of the gtk-gnutella or gnucleus source.  You would want to form a
>separate network since current vendors would consider alternate uses of the
>existing network as pollution.

Could you please elaborate on forming a separate network under Gnutella?

I was thinking of using the Echomine-Muse gnutella API, which facilitates 
sending custom messages in Gnutella, as a technique for Jabber Servers to 
collorabote and achieve global service discovery.


- Salem

>If you envisioned similar services as exist or extensions to the existing
>services then this might make sense.  If you want something as a basis for 
>new clean protocol, I might not recommend it since some aspects of the
>protocol are a little ugly underneath the covers.  However, extension
>mechanisms do for most message types.
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> > On 11/29/05, Greg Bildson <gbildson at limepeer.com> wrote:
> > > Do you mean Gnutella's use as a framework or otherwise?
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> > Yes I do. My question is: are there some implementation of gnutella
> > that can be used to build upon new applications and to develop new
> > services (beyond simple file sharing) ?
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