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pseudonym778 at lycos.com pseudonym778 at lycos.com
Wed Sep 8 00:02:19 UTC 2004

Otto is a platform that will:

* Leverage the visibility of high-profile sites of the world wide
web, allowing counter-commentary that will be as visible as the
original content.
* Recognize content and provide the same commentary, regardless of
the location where it is republished.
* Evince surreptitious changes made to content.
* Allow for pseudonymous comments.
* Allow for amassing of reputation.
* Have no central authority or server.

Otto is written in Java and driven off of a JDBC backend.  The first
two points of the above are for the most part complete, and the p2p
networking has rudimentary messaging so far.

I'm writing to this list for several reasons:
1) I'm looking for some teammembers for this project with skills with
the following technologies:
Java, HTTP, HTML, XMLHTTP, p2p networking, crypto (bouncycastle API).
 Eventually, the project will hopefully encompass technologies such
as advanced routing and digital currencies.

2) I haven't yet decided on a license for the software (leaning
towards GPL or LGPL) so any expert advice is gratefully accepted.

3) I need to find a home for development and I'm wondering if anyone
has suggestions.  I'm thinking perhaps sourceforge or setting up my
own server someplace.  Any opinions on sourceforge or tips on hosting
are appreciated.

4) Early release to those who are interested in toying with it.

Thanks everyone!  I don't know what the list etiquette is here, but I
imagine most of the replies would be better suited for direct emails
than a p2p mailing list, so please do that if possible.  I'll
follow-up on-list once I have some sort of permanent hosting

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