[p2p-hackers] BitTorrent measurements / fully decentralizedsystems

David Barrett dbarrett at quinthar.com
Wed Dec 15 23:33:54 UTC 2004

On Wed, 15 Dec 2004, Martin Peck wrote:

> I am a huge fan of implicit feedback systems.
> ...
> I think implicit feedback will become increasingly important and
> useful for reputation in decentralized networks.  (And can be
> augmented by explicit feedback, but does not require it)

I think Martin has touched on an under-discussed topic: obtaining
reliable quality measures through pure observation.  That's an
interesting approach to do it at the file system level, but we might
also tackle it at the application level.

Are there any good examples of content-playback applications
integrating with content-distribution systems to obtain implicit
quality measures?  I could imagine a decentralized, open protocol
where every time I listen to a song (for example) WinAmp spits out a
digitally signed "I played this song to completion, and here's its
CRC" into the ether.  The sum total of these certificates is the
implict quality of the track.

Naturally there are the standard reputation system problems, but
assuming a decent reputation system existed already, this would be one
way to leverage it for implicit quality measures.

Is there anything like this already working or in the works?


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