[p2p-hackers] BitTorrent measurements / fully decentralizedsystems

Martin Peck coderman at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 18:34:00 UTC 2004

On Wed, 15 Dec 2004 20:50:55 +0800, Enzo Michelangeli <em at em.no-ip.com> wrote:
> ...
> Sure, I was thinking of automating the usage of the list, not its
> construction: a user should always be able to import new identities
> through a semi-manual procedure. Identities themselves could be propagated
> peer-to-peer and endorsed with signatures by other already trusted
> identities, WoT-style. But it would also be nice to have a user-friendly
> UI that, after accessing a resource, asked: "Is the file I just fetched
> you a good one?" and if the answer is "no", it should automatically
> blacklist all the identities that had endorsed it, and maybe their
> endorsers as well.

I am a huge fan of implicit feedback systems.  One of the goals of the
feedback filesystem I have been working on is to make the relative
value of file resources determines implicit based on usage patterns.

If you download a file and then read the first 10% of it, then delete
it, that is a very strong indicator that the resource was a poor match
or of low quality.

If you download it, open all of it (full play, etc) and copy or
rename, that indicates it is probably useful.  Likewise you can track
the number of reads this file has compared to others within a
directory structure and see how popular they are based solely on
observed interactions with the filesystem.

Rating resources in this manner allows you to tie the feedback to peer
identities (this peer has given me many good resources, while this
other one has provided only crap) as well as recommender systems
(these are my top favorite files, you might like them too).

In feedbackfs I track usage by userID, application, and processID so
that you can separate disparate resources into specific domains (video
files opened by xine, music files opened by xmms, pdf's opened by
userID $foo, etc) as you see fit.

I think implicit feedback will become increasingly important and
useful for reputation in decentralized networks.  (And can be
augmented by explicit feedback, but does not require it)

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