[p2p-hackers] Skype's "Global Index"

Brad Neuberg bkn3 at columbia.edu
Tue Dec 14 20:09:37 UTC 2004

Skype claims to have a scalable, secure, globally distributed directory of 
Skype phone numbers they call the "Global Index".  From the Skype FAQ:

"P2P network technologies used by file-sharing applications would be almost 
suitable for decentralizing [phonebook directories], but those networks are 
fragmented in nature – a search does not reach all nodes in the network. 
Clearly, in order to deliver high quality telephony with the lowest 
possible costs, a third generation of P2P technology (“3G P2P”), or Global 
Index (GI) was a necessary development and represents yet another paradigm 
shift in the notion of scaleable networks. The Global Index technology is a 
multi-tiered network where supernodes communicate in such a way that every 
node in the network has full knowledge of all available users and resources 
with minimal latency. "

Does anyone know what techniques Skype might be using to actually achieve this?

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