[p2p-hackers] Re: Memory and reputation calculation

MULLER Guillaume muller at emse.fr
Fri Dec 10 08:33:39 UTC 2004

Hi all,

Right, I would have cited Dellarocas' papers also because he is the only 
one I know that worked on this subject.

However, IMHO, his claim that size of history doesn't matter is false. 
He took this conclusion in very a specific domain that is eBay-like 
market-places with very specific assumption (cf. cited paper).

My idea is that size of history DOES matter. Let's imagine a system 
(even eBay-like) where every agent *knows* that the history is a list of 
the X last encounters experiences. Then it is easy to see that cheating 
1/X times  is a strategy that pays off (particularly in systems where 
ratings might be noisy).

IMHO, the key point with respect to the history is that others should 
not be able guess its size. If it has a fixed size, I believe it doesn't 
matter if (and only if) other can guess its size (and therefore cannot 
use strategy as described above).

However, I'm sorry I didn't have time to make any experimentations, but 
I'd like to hear if anybody has.



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