[p2p-hackers] p2p capacity estimates

Michael Parker mgp at ucla.edu
Wed Dec 8 00:44:13 UTC 2004

Hi everybody,

At http://www.pdos.lcs.mit.edu/p2psim/kingdata/ I was able to pick up a 
matrix consisting of the pairwise RTTs between 1740 nodes on the 
Internet. I was wondering if anyone knew of a similar file that had 
pairwise capacity estimates (bandwidth estimates) between a large number 
of nodes? The number of nodes doesn't have to be that large, since 
bandwidth estimation is more difficult and a study of over a thousand 
nodes would certainly be non-trivial. I am just looking for a set with a 
diverse population of end-users (e.g., dial-up, cable, DSL, T3) 
representative of what you might find on a p2p network, from which I can 
glean general characteristics and hopefully extrapolate to a larger 
number of nodes. If such a data set didn't exist, perhaps someone could 
point me toward some Gnutella/OpenNap/KaZaA traces which I might be able 
to use?

Michael Parker

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