[p2p-hackers] "Access Control" in P2P and CDN

Alexander Löser aloeser at cs.tu-berlin.de
Fri Feb 14 05:25:02 UTC 2003

Hey Sam,

I'am currently working on how to bring structure into a peer-to-peer
network using access controls. To get entrance to the network, peers have
to register at super peers. Each super peer provides its own policy, e.g.
which peer may join or not. Each policy consists of several rules. Here is
an example:

ON (Event) Enter IF
    (Peer.Advertisement.Property metadata_schema="Dublin Core")
    (Peer.Advertisement.Property peer_name INCLUDE "cs.tu-berlin.de")
DO (Action) Approve(Peer)
ELSE (Action) Reject(Peer)

Such rules are formulated by the super-peer administrator. Finally the
network is structured in several subject specific clusters, each one
represented by one super peer.

Further details can be taken from

Cheers Alex

Sam Joseph wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> I've got to give a talk soon on content distribution networks and p2p
> systems, particularly as regards the presence of "access control".
> So far I'm going to include YouServ, and probably mention the primitive
> access control in NeuroGrid. If I remember correctly, some Gnutella
> clones can be set up to provide private sub-networks.
> However, I wondered if any of you thought there were any other good
> examples of "access control" being used in distributed network
> environments.
> In more concrete terms, the use of "Access Policies" within the
> distributed network environment to restrict access to certain types of
> content to different subsets of users ...
> Thanks in advance.
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