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Juan Carlos Soto juan.soto at Sun.com
Thu Feb 6 08:32:02 UTC 2003


The JXTA-C code available today at http://jxta-c.jxta.org 
implements the original JXTA protocols and is fully interoperable 
with the latest releases of Java2SE (for servers, desktops, larger 
PDAs, etc.) and Java2ME (for cell phones, small PDAs, pagers, 
etc.) implementations of JXTA.

The main effort at the core level over the past 6 months has been 
on a Java 2 SE implementation of enhancements to the JXTA 
protocols which I call version 2.  The next stable release of the 
JXTA for J2SE platform implementing the protocol changes is due 
any day now.  Note that this release will break backwards 
compatibility.  Once that release is complete, work will speed up 
again on the C (http://jxta-c.jxta.org) and J2ME 
(http://jxme.jxta.org) versions to implement the latest protocol 


-Juan Carlos Soto.

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> Hello Zainul,
> Was offline for quite sometime and hence could not take your questions.
> Aisland is in development stage and there is not much documentation available 
> at present.
> All I can suggest is that you have to check out the code from cvs and build 
> to see if it suits your needs. You may even get the binary from downloads 
> section alternatively. If you need you may write to me directly so that I can 
> zip the software and mail to you. Its around 7 MB.
> I think the C implementation of JXTA has taken back-stage due to recent focus 
> on Java implementation to prove JXTA's credibility and scalabilty as a 
> generic P2P protocol. You may get a better update on the jxta lists on C 
> implementation. 
> Rajesh
>>Thanks for the info. I went through the description and explanation. But I
>>think I missed the whole point. Is there some resource which explains how
>>AIsland works without going into details of Java classes ? I apologize for
>>I'm not too much of a Java hacker.
>>Is the C implementation of JXTA stable for use now ?
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