[p2p-hackers] Stop Palladium and TCPA Now!

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Tue Feb 4 05:21:02 UTC 2003

On Mon, Feb 03, 2003 at 09:16:41PM -0500, Zooko wrote:
> Hal:
> You are one of the two people (along with Dave Wagner) whose posts I always
> read first in any thread concerning crypto or security.  Your vast knowledge
> about the many subfields of security has always impressed me, and I have in
> fact commented to my wife a couple of times that there's this guy named "Hal
> Finney", and I don't know much about him personally, but in any good mailing
> list, he always shows up and contributes the most useful posts about crypto
> and security.

(Which is why Hal is sometimes refered to as Gandalf by Freenet developers)

> Probably part of the disagreement that we've just witnessed on this mailing
> list is a terminological collision.  Hal Finney and Adam Langley use "TCPA"
> to mean a certain operating system/machine feature described in the "TCPA
> specification".  Seth Johnson, and I use "TCPA/Palladium" to denote a
> certain grand strategy to make computers incapable of performing forbidden
> acts even if their users want them to, and to deploy this new platform with
> stealth, obfuscation, and spin management so that the consumers don't
> realize what it is and refuse to use it.  The former technical specification
> is one important step in the latter world- domination strategy.

If my guardian of arguments (Jeff Darcy) were here, he would undoubtably
point to http://www1.law.ucla.edu/~volokh/slippery.htm. Just because TCPAv1
*may* be a stepping stone towards something bad doesn't automattically make
TCPAv1 bad. As Hal and I have pointed out, TCPAv1 has a number of interresting
uses and I, for one, will not be asking people to boycot it.

But if people are asking for my support in educating the world about the
dangers of what we believe Palladium is, then I will be marching right
alongside them.  I will fight tooth and nail to stop the sealth introduction
of such technologies and laws supporting them passed by corrupt governments.
But by making examples of TCPAv1 we only weaken our own position.

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