[p2p-hackers] Re: CAKE = Key Addressed Crypto Encapsulation (Eric M. Hopper)

Bryan Ford baford at mit.edu
Thu Aug 21 09:35:02 UTC 2003

Eric wrote:
> I have an idea that's been wandering around in my head for awhile, [...]
> The basic idea is simple.  Build a lowish level protocol that lives
> somewhere between IP and sockets that has every message being addressed
> to a public key.

Sounds very closely related, at least in terms of basic goals, to something 
I've been working on for a little while too.  We should compare notes.

Basically, I'm also trying to create a new protocol between IP and sockets 
that provides secure end-to-end communication using cryptographic node 
identities rather than topology-sensitive addresses.  But the protocol I'm 
developing can also serve as a "real" network-layer routing protocol as well, 
operating both within and beyond the scope of IP to provide seemless 
reachability across non-IP-based ad hoc wireless networks and such in 
addition to the traditional "wired" Internet.  I'm tentatively calling it 
"Unmanaged Internet Protocol" (UIP); a brief description in the form of a 
position paper is available here:


I also have a prototype implementation underway but not yet functional; in the 
interest of openness I'm keeping the source code and other preliminary nodes 
on sourceforge, though don't expect to see anything particularly interesting 
or comprehensible there just yet... :)


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