[p2p-hackers] Everything as a file in p2p

Gordon Mohr gojomo at usa.net
Tue Jul 16 00:54:01 UTC 2002

I love content-hashes as URI identifiers, but you're right, they
don't cover everything, like streams, series/events, or resources 
that may change in place. 

One of the best ideas in Freenet is the creation of content-keys
(ie URIs) which mean "this name given by this principal (ie public 
key)". You can think of them like HTTP URLs where the "naming
authority" is a key rather than a IP/DNS name. I think they're
called Key-Signed-Keys, KSKs, but I could be getting the 
terminology wrong. 

They are the perfect complement to locationless content-hash
names: they are locationless names for dynamic content with 
some measure of controlling-authority stability.

I think someone should generalize the freenet:KSK approach to
be a real URN type, independent of any one P2P system, so that
even if Freenet goes nowhere, this concept lives & grows on
its own as it deserves to.

Or is there already such an URN type? I haven't run across one

Perhaps it could look something like:


"kau" for "Key AUthority". The key-identifier should support
parameterizable public-key algorithms.

Resolvers would return the most-recent resource they can find
which has an accompanying signed binding from <key-identifier>
asserting name <assigned-name>.

The name-assertion signed-bindings would be roughly tuples of:

   signature(name, timestamp, content-hash)

- Gojomo
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