[p2p-hackers] part 2: proxying and introduction: the two fundamental operations of emergent networks

hal at finney.org hal at finney.org
Sun Sep 16 12:15:02 UTC 2001

Zooko writes:
> Right now I'm worrying about Original Introduction -- how do you get new nodes
> added to the network for the first time, if your centralized node list, CGI
> script, or Meta Tracker, is unavailable?

If the only problem is finding another node, and if nodes listen on well
known ports, you can just try IP addresses at random until you find one.
This method is being used by the Linux Morpheus clone at

However it is not a good long term solution for many P2P systems for two
reasons: first it may not be a good idea to use a well known port if it
turns out to be controversial; and second, IPV6 will provide too many
addresses to ping them at random.

> The best answer I can come up with is that they talk to one of their friends
> who is already in the network and then they type in the IP address and port
> number of that friend's node.

Maybe a browser plug-in could save the need for typing the info; people could
put it on a web page in some special format and the plug-in could read the
node address and launch the P2P client.


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