Various identifier choices Re: [p2p-hackers] Morpheus, Freenet,MojoNation (was Semantic Routing BOF)

coderman coderman at
Wed Sep 5 17:07:02 UTC 2001

Gordon Mohr wrote:
> ...
> With Bitzi, we don't mind a proliferation of identifiers, because
> we aim to provide, as metadata, alternate names/IDs for catalogued
> files.
> So for example you'll eventually be able to pull from the Bitzi
> catalog a record like...
>   Bitprint (SHA1+TigerTree)
>   \_ Freenet-CHK
>   \_ MojoID
>   \_ MD5
>   \_ etc. (KazaaID? SHA256?)
> ...whenever users have contriibuted such associations.

Regarding access to this data, would it be possible to implement some
kind of lookup information to obtain all known metadata for a given
SHA-1 key (or TigerTree, or MD5, etc)?

This would be very usefull, and would place a much smaller load than
retreiving significant portions of the index...

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