[p2p-hackers] Scalability vs Network Stability

Sam Joseph sam at neurogrid.com
Thu Mar 8 02:17:01 UTC 2001

Justin Chapweske wrote:

> One thing that seems to be missing from these conversations on routing
> lookup is some quantifiable measure of network stability.  A lot of
> routing systems being proposed seem nice from a pure scalabilty
> perspective but I doubt that most of them will work in any sort of
> unstable network environment.

> Does anyone have any good quantifiable definition of network stability

> that we can use to benchmark our systems against?

I am unclear about what constitutes a stable network.  Do you mean for
example the amount of time in a given day that a particular node
isconnected to the network?  The amount of traffic that the average node
can support over a given time period?  The variance in the amount of

I mean I'm no network systems expert (I'm agents and neural nets), but
clearly one could come up with all sorts of measures.  Can you explain a
little further what you mean by stability?

For what's it worth, to say that a network is scalable is also pretty
much undefined.  I guess we can say something like the average amount of
traffic generated for a given number of nodes, but I guess it's more
about people's perception of whether they are having their needs met my
the system, as the number of participants continues to grow; if lot's of
people can't contact each other, or find the things they need as the
system grows then I guess the thing is failing to scale.  But this is
then also a function of what people actually expect the system to for
them.  If they expect to be in contact with their close circle of
friends, they may not care that they can't contact people on the other
side of the network, right?

My apologies if this is all completely obvious, but I'm just pitching
around for shared concepts so we can start thinking about this.


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