[linux-elitists] December 31 - Deadline for DMCA Agent Designation

aicra at faqlinux.com aicra at faqlinux.com
Fri Nov 10 10:52:07 PST 2017

So, December 31 is the deadline for DMCA agent designations.

Just last week, CenturyLink registered their agent (Oct 31).
Cox Communications still has not registered.
I'm watching these for sport! :D

Basically, if a DMCA agent designation was made by paper (Old Skool),  
or prior to Dec. 1, 2016 - these designations will expire on Dec. 31,  

The expired designation will result in an invalid agent designation  
and not qualify for safe harbors under the DMCA.

I hope we can get the word out to "our guys" to keep them "safe" from  
the DMCA!



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