[linux-elitists] DMCA to-do failure, turning the list off

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Dec 31 18:00:59 PST 2017

Quoting Don Marti (dmarti at zgp.org):

> I'm turning the list off.  Archives will stay up since
> nobody posted anything copyright-infringing that I can
> tell.

I'm prepared to re-host linux-elitists as linux-elitists at linuxmafia.com, 
preferably with Don as listadmin, effective today, if Don wishes.

The quick and dirty way would be for Don to send me the output of 
'/var/lib/mailman/bin/list_members -f linux-elitists' and give me access
to a copy of the cumulative mbox.  Everything else is a fine detail 
that IMO shouldn't be sweated.

I would naturally make weekly e-mailed copies of the membership roster
and ongoing access to the cumulative mbox available to Don and to anyone
else he wishes, and cooperate fully in his re-hosting the mailing list
back to zgp.org whenever he wishes.

FWIW, I am registered 17 U.S.C. section 512(c)(3) agent for:
linuxmafia.com, unixmercenary.net, and hugin.imat.com .

Cheers,                       He's making a database;
Rick Moen                     He's sorting it twice.
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