[linux-elitists] DMCA to-do failure, turning the list off

aicra at faqlinux.com aicra at faqlinux.com
Sun Dec 31 16:36:40 PST 2017


I've been sayin' it for years...

The DMCA Sucks!

Thanks Don, for running the list and all the great times!

Quoting Don Marti <dmarti at zgp.org>:

> Well, I forgot to register my copyright agent by the
> deadline so that the list archives would be subject to
> DMCA notice/takedown process instead of contributory
> infringement or whatever.
> Even though there was a perfectly good reminder to do
> it, right here on this list.
>   http://zgp.org/pipermail/linux-elitists/2017-November/014042.html
> I'm turning the list off.  Archives will stay up since
> nobody posted anything copyright-infringing that I can
> tell.
> Since we haven't had much traffic anyway, turning
> the list back on will be low priority for a while.
> If you want to reach a particular person who you can
> only get to through this list, please let me know.
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