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  Linux Journal Ceases Publication
  Dec 01, 2017 By Carlie Fairchild


  It looks like we’re at the end, folks. If all goes according to a plan
  we’d rather not have, the November issue of Linux Journal was our last.
  The simple fact is that we’ve run out of money, and options along with
  it. We never had a wealthy corporate parent or deep pockets of our own,
  and that made us an anomaly among publishers, from start to finish.
  While we got to be good at flying close to the ground for a long time,
  we lost what little elevation we had in November, when the scale finally
  tipped irrevocably to the negative.

  While we see a future like publishing’s past—a time when advertisers
  sponsor a publication because they value its brand and readers—the
  advertising world we have today would rather chase eyeballs, preferably
  by planting tracking beacons in readers' browsers and zapping them with
  ads anywhere those readers show up. But that future isn’t here, and the
  past is long gone.

  There is some hope, we suppose, that a savior might come through; but it
  will have to be one willing to pick up some of our debt, in addition to
  our brand, our archive, our domains and our subscribers and readers. If
  you know anyone who can make a serious offer, let us know. Otherwise,
  watch LinuxJournal.com and hope that at least our legacy archives (which
  go back to Linux Journal’s birth in April 1994, when Linux hit 1.0)
  won’t go away. There’s a lot of great stuff here, and a lot of history
  we’d hate the world to lose.

Columnist Kyle Rankin also has a valedictory column, here:

I'm not clear if there i$ a place to $end gesture$ of appreciation.

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