[linux-elitists] How about a fork of Jessie without systemd?

Rik van Riel riel at surriel.com
Mon May 23 18:19:00 PDT 2016

On Tue, 2016-05-24 at 02:37 +0200, Tomasz Rola wrote:
> On Mon, May 23, 2016 at 04:18:17PM -0700, Greg KH wrote:
>> > But what's wrong with that?  Before you were all running a fork of
> > init
> > scripts, all hacked up in odd ways that were not compatible across
> > any
> > distro.  What has changed here?
> This kind of argument has disputable value. I expect there will
> "always" be an OS or flavour of some with "fork of init scripts" and
> they will choose to not run systemd or they will choose to give it as
> an option. And if Apache folks wanted to run theirs on such OS, they
> will have to somehow support such scripts anyway. And so on. So I do
> not see systemd as anything close to solving a problem. 

The "init scripts are different on different systems"
problem may not be solved by systemd (though they will
look the same on more systems), but systemd does solve
a number of actual problems.

For one, it has a reliable way of detecting whether
daemons are still running, more so than the old style
shell scripts ever could.  It relies on cgroups to
do this.

Secondly, it can use the same cgroups code to set up
containers, and make sure the software inside the
containers is running. The old shell scripts did not
have a way to start things in containers at all.

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