[linux-elitists] How about a fork of Jessie without systemd?

Ed Carp erc at pobox.com
Sun May 15 00:35:54 PDT 2016

I'm certainly not going to dignify this personal attack by responding,
except to say that (1) I manage about 1200 RHEL servers, and (2)
systemd certainly has *not* made my life easier, not by a long shot.
My team uses Ansible to deploy and manage these systems, I will say
that Ansible hides a lot of the systemd messiness in the service
module - but it's a completely different way of doing things, and IMO
not for the better.

And if you get off attacking people for expressing their opinion, I
guess you *do* have a problem.

On 5/14/16, Greg KH <greg at kroah.com> wrote:
> On Sat, May 14, 2016 at 04:38:49PM -0700, Ed Carp wrote:
>> I'm particularly annoyed by systemd, period. Nothing wrong with the
>> way things were
> You are kidding, right?  Have you ever worked at that level?  Tried to
> manage processes and services in a sane manner?  I've been dealing with
> that problem since my first paid Linux job in 2000, and it didn't get
> finally resolved until systemd.  There were lots of things wrong with
> how things "were" before, perhaps you never worked down there?
>> - systemd goes completely against the Unix idea of one
>> small utility doing one thing well, and it just comes across as change
>> for the sake of change as a monument to someone's ego.
> Really, you want to drag this old disputed argument out again?  Tell me
> how your old init system was a "do one thing well" program?
> And as far as ego goes, do you not take pride in the work you do?
> systemd was written by people working for _all_ distros, it was not the
> work of just one person at all, to act otherwise is a huge disservice to
> those other developers.
> Just one word of advice, almost _everyone_ who has worked on a distro at
> that level of the "plumbing" has helped out with systemd as it is
> somehow obvious to them that this is a much better solution than what
> they previously had.  I guess you don't trust those developers, which is
> fine, but you should seriously consider just why you feel that way.
>> No matter - hooray for Rick! Thank you! I hope I don't have to worry
>> about this when Linux Mint goes systemd in the next release
>> (reportedly)...
> Makes sense, why would you want to try to keep a fork from your "parent"
> distro?  Companies that actually funded their developers are even
> smarter than that.
> Remember back when Linux users were the ones pushing the boundries of
> things, solving real problems and being happy to handle major changes in
> the quest to making something better?  I sure do.  The real question is
> why have the others on this list, who have been complaining about a
> system library being replaced that they didn't have anything to do with,
> have forgotten about why they started using Linux in the first place.
> I mean, if you like openrc so much, why not just move back to solaris,
> there is an "open" version floating around somewhere that desperately
> needs users and developers...
> Or just use Gentoo or slackware if you don't like change and wish to
> remain in the 1990's.
> </get off my lawn>
> greg k-h
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