[linux-elitists] How about a fork of Jessie without systemd?

Greg KH greg at kroah.com
Sat May 14 17:14:22 PDT 2016

On Sat, May 14, 2016 at 04:38:49PM -0700, Ed Carp wrote:
> I'm particularly annoyed by systemd, period. Nothing wrong with the
> way things were

You are kidding, right?  Have you ever worked at that level?  Tried to
manage processes and services in a sane manner?  I've been dealing with
that problem since my first paid Linux job in 2000, and it didn't get
finally resolved until systemd.  There were lots of things wrong with
how things "were" before, perhaps you never worked down there?

> - systemd goes completely against the Unix idea of one
> small utility doing one thing well, and it just comes across as change
> for the sake of change as a monument to someone's ego.

Really, you want to drag this old disputed argument out again?  Tell me
how your old init system was a "do one thing well" program?

And as far as ego goes, do you not take pride in the work you do?
systemd was written by people working for _all_ distros, it was not the
work of just one person at all, to act otherwise is a huge disservice to
those other developers.

Just one word of advice, almost _everyone_ who has worked on a distro at
that level of the "plumbing" has helped out with systemd as it is
somehow obvious to them that this is a much better solution than what
they previously had.  I guess you don't trust those developers, which is
fine, but you should seriously consider just why you feel that way.

> No matter - hooray for Rick! Thank you! I hope I don't have to worry
> about this when Linux Mint goes systemd in the next release
> (reportedly)...

Makes sense, why would you want to try to keep a fork from your "parent"
distro?  Companies that actually funded their developers are even
smarter than that.

Remember back when Linux users were the ones pushing the boundries of
things, solving real problems and being happy to handle major changes in
the quest to making something better?  I sure do.  The real question is
why have the others on this list, who have been complaining about a
system library being replaced that they didn't have anything to do with,
have forgotten about why they started using Linux in the first place.

I mean, if you like openrc so much, why not just move back to solaris,
there is an "open" version floating around somewhere that desperately
needs users and developers...

Or just use Gentoo or slackware if you don't like change and wish to
remain in the 1990's.

</get off my lawn>

greg k-h

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