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Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
Sat Mar 12 10:53:52 PST 2016

An entire new web company where nobody has to run
anything as root.

  The Serverless Start-up

  We would like to introduce Teletext.io, also
  known as the serverless start-up - again, entirely
  built around AWS, but leveraging only the Amazon
  API Gateway, Lambda functions, DynamoDb, S3 and

Database as a service, function calls as a service, and
of course storage and CDN as a service.  All tied
together by a single-page JavaScript application.

  "If you upload your Lambda code, Amazon will take
  care of everything required to run and scale your
  code with high availability. Lambda executes in
  parallel. So, if a million requests are made, a
  million Lambda functions will execute without loss
  of speed or capacity.  According to Amazon, "there
  are no fundamental limits to scaling a function"

(Kind of like a bigger version of a 1990s web hosting
account with your own `cgi-bin` directory.)

This highscalability.com web site has a lot of
thought-provoking stuff on it.  Another good example:

  Uber Goes Unconventional: Using Driver Phones as a Backup Datacenter

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