[linux-elitists] Get _off_ the mic

Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
Wed Jun 24 06:48:53 PDT 2015

begin Teh Entar-Nick quotation of Tue, Jun 23, 2015 at 11:03:58PM +0000:
> Don Marti:
> > but now I'm wondering: Is there some kind of wrapper that would
> > prevent a certain application from getting access to the mic in the
> > first place?  Something like
> > 
> >   nomic /usr/bin/wtf
> > 
> > or some PulseAudio command that would have the same effect?
> Usually if you scramble the $PULSE_SERVER env var, you confuse most
> programs that try to play with audio.  Setting to /dev/null or /dev/zero
> may have useful effects, though I haven't fussed with it much.

When I look at /proc/$chromium_pid/environ I don't
see any PULSE.* environment variables at all.

Now I'm going to have to dig into this.

Then: Why won't media on Linux "Just Work"?

Now: This program is doing WHAT with my mic?

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