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begin Don Marti quotation of Sat, May 02, 2015 at 05:47:25AM -0700:

> Why would the maintainer of a web site want to notify,
> educate and possibly annoy users who are vulnerable
> to third-party tracking, while rewarding those who
> are protected from tracking?
> That's a longer story.  I think this guy's blog has
> a good part of it.
>   http://fredrikdeboer.com/2015/04/27/the-supervillains-guide-to-saving-the-internet/

Another interesting post, from Jason Kint at Digital
Content Next...

  "Needless to say I found myself shaking my head
  at a recent publisher event where sites were
  discussing how they could block Facebook from
  tracking their users.  How on earth did this become
  a responsibility of the publisher to hack together
  a short-term solution?"


It's not the responsibility of an individual site to
craft an entire solution, but a site can...

 * Provide tracking warnings

 * Link to a tracking test

 * Replace stock social buttons with safe versions

 * Put some bonus pages behind a reverse tracking wall

 * Replace AdChoices links with links to a trustworthy
   tracking protection tool

If you want to run a mailing list or email newsletter,
you have to think about deliverability and the current
state of spam filtering.  If you want to be in the
web business, you have to think about protecting your
users from third-party tracking.

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