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Ruben Safir ruben at mrbrklyn.com
Thu Feb 12 08:38:27 PST 2015

> And we've lost the communication edge as well.  Ten years ago people
> still actually used e-mail, and sometimes even a mom-and-pop server.
> These days email is just an old-fashioned term for gmail, and the
> interoperability has a future only slightly less dismal than the
> privacy.

this is about as elegant as I've seen this expressed.  Can I use this

> We need APIs that from the start fit the model of what people are
> developing today.  I can't tell you how frustrating it is that PyGame
> took decades before "Just multiply your movement by dt" became the norm.
> Everyone did all kinds of horrible pointless framerate hacks!  We need
> to copy the best interfaces, and support The Clean Architecture in
> nearly everything (just as Unix pipes did!).

This just gives me a clockwork orange collage of bad imagines

firefox 3.4

> We also need better communication channels and tools.  We need something
> that can take over from the snapchats and facebooks and such, but treat
> the user with respect.  There needs to be privacy as a default, and the
> ability to host the streams yourself.  
> But we also need better protection from harassment.  Right now the only
> way we've worked out how to solve this is centralised moderation,
> Metafilter-style.  We need to work out how to make a system where if a
> socially vulnerable under-represented youth starts thinking maybe it
> would be worthwhile to develop Free Software, that participation is easy
> without stepping in flame wars or suffering under hails of sadistic
> abuse from privileged jerks.
> The closest system I can come up with is the Sugar project from
> SugarLabs (who took over the software side from the OLPC project when
> the latter went off into "Green Android tablet with Proprietary Branded
> Content" tail-spins).  The code was ahead of its time a decade ago, and
> now is a little passé but still very nice.  Some inspiration to draw
> from, there, but we need to be more radical.
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