[linux-elitists] No results found for "social justice growth hacking".

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Feb 12 01:10:24 PST 2015

Quoting Ruben Safir (ruben at mrbrklyn.com):

> On 02/12/2015 03:01 AM, Rick Moen wrote:
> >> > I like Perl....
> > And antique proprietary code.  Glad you have the justifications for
> > inertia and ineptitude worked out.
> I hate Python, and would you care for me to send you some spitballs and
> rubber bands.

And GNU Mailman is the _only_ open source mailing list manager in the
entire solar system, such that your choice is constrained to be either
that or Majordomo, right?  Sympa, for example, is totally non-existent.

You know, enjoy the two-decade-old proprietary spaghetti code.  It's
obvious you're sticking with inertia and ineptitude, and as usual I'm
wasting my time suggesting that you fix the problem.

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