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Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
Wed Feb 4 09:50:37 PST 2015

Is the ability to assimilate developers from
underrepresented demographic groups going to be the
main success factor in building network effects for
future IT platforms?

GNU, then Linux, got huge because of temporary
exclusion by shortsighted proprietary OS vendors,
which basically gave "our side" a huge crowd of
haha-no-compiler-for-you Solaris victims, then cheap
web hosting customers, and so on until Linux won
(most categories).

That was so 1990s.  Today, well, the surviving
vendors have price discrimination figured out.
No more easy-to-find excluded users.

And the surviving developer platforms?  It's not
"cough up the money for the compiler", it's more like
"would you like sushi or rosemary beef cubes at your
free workshop?"  Every platform is chasing the same,
relatively small group of developers.  This is kind
of like how the dumbass Unix vendors fought over
the same long-suffering Unix customers, while Linux
quietly built up strength among the rest of the world.

So where is the next generation coming from? What's
going to be the "holy shit, all those new people are
running THAT?" platform?

(also, no results found for "hyperlocal data-driven
normcore", which is the fashion trend where you crawl
the web for photos tagged near you and use Amazon
Mechanical Turk or a similar service to idenfify the
clothing worn.)

Don Marti                    
dmarti at zgp.org

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