[linux-elitists] SJW FTW

Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
Thu Dec 3 08:59:55 PST 2015

Ever notice how some of the most meritorious hackers
are also some of the biggest SJWs?  (check it out,
this is email, I can wait.)

Does this make sense?

Of course it does. And you don't need boring academic
postmodern this or identity that to explain it.
Mainstream open source SJWism is clearly the winning
strategy from a behavioral economics and evolutionary
psychology point of view.

Supporting the expansion of the demographic pool that
the Free Software scene can draw from is a hell of
a signal.

In effect, you're saying 

 * It only _helps_ me if somebody in Oakland or
   Detroit learns JavaScript and CSS.

 * I'm not a generic nerd in competition for yet
   another generic standing desk in an open-plan
   monkey house -- I have unique abilities that become
   more valuable as the Free Software scene grows,
   bwah ha ha.

and like any good signal, it gets more meaningful the
more you back it up with time-consuming or otherwise
costly actions.

Anti-SJWism, by contrast, is a backward strategy,
costly signaling of low fitness.  

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