[linux-elitists] Wake up sheeple!!!1!

Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
Wed Nov 19 17:45:46 PST 2014

So, most web privacy intrusions try to hide
themselves...what if we had an easy way to warn users
when they're trackable from site to site?

Here's something I was kicking around over the
weekend: http://ad.aloodo.com/

If you're blocking third-party JavaScript, or taking
appropriate measures to avoid "social site" cookies,
you don't get a warning.  Otherwise, when it realizes
that it can track you from aloodo.com to zgp.org,
it'll try to notify you with a scary/informative
popup.  (The voluminious JavaScript only loads _after_
a successful tracking test.)

Comments, suggestions, bug reports welcome.

Why this stuff matters:

Don Marti                    
dmarti at zgp.org

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