[linux-elitists] 4K monitor Just Works in Linux.

Tony Godshall togo at of.net
Wed Jun 25 18:10:40 PDT 2014

Outstanding. My fujitsu u904 laptop Just Works
with new seiki se39uy04 4K TV/monitor (HDMI, 30Hz).

Xfce4. Debian jessie. Kernel 3.13-1-amd4.

xwininfo -root shows 3840x3960 (external
configured above onboard).

Both from newegg (patent troll fighters). Laptop and
monitor together cost me only about $1500.
Much better than the Chromebook Pixel
or the Macbook Air with Cinema display-
the keys are mostly in the right places
and the shell behaves correctly.

Best Regards.
This is unedited.
This message came out of me
via a suboptimal keyboard.

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