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On Sun, 6 Jul 2014 19:53:11 +0000
Teh Entar-Nick <nick at teh.entar.net> wrote:

> Don Marti:
> > So how does "extend and subvert technology" turn into "go fast and
> > break people"?
> > 
> > Hacking: copyleft or neutral licensing (promote generic
> >          ubiquitous code as a complement to valuable people)
> > 
> > Brogramming: aggressive ToS/CLAs (contributors are a
> >              generic out-group; value is in control of the hub of the
> >              network)
> And yet, you're seeing plenty of tech bros using Open Source to wring as
> much unpaid labour out of people as they can.  It's probably one of the
> more irritating and impossible-to-deflect criticisms of the free
> software movement: what does this do to the power dynamic between
> capital and labour?  How does this not flood the markets with
> more easily exploitable programmers, and harm everyone?
> Well there's a hint in your next Goofus-and-Gallant bit:
> > Hacking: subvert the dominant paradigm by building common space
> > outside it.
> The GNU solution to this is copyleft: it explicitly protects the gift
> economy so that it can be self-sustaining enough to survive attempts at
> exploitation.  But even then we worried about "The ASP loophole" (this
> was before cloud computing confused people enough to use "in the cloud"
> to mean "on a third-party Web service").  Nothing short of the AGPL is
> enough to protect the hacker way now.

One reason I prefer the permissive licences is
that https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saladin is my role model when it comes to
ethics and long-term strategy and based on
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingdom_of_Heaven_%28film%29 , I think that if
Saladin were alive today and he wrote open source code for fun (yes, I know -
sounds farfetched) he would have used BSD-style licences too.

Someone who lives in paraonia of people abusing his licence, is miserable and
unhappy, and as a result, it will bring his downfall. Also see:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFnFr-DOPf8 (Yoda from Star Wars episode I).


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