[linux-elitists] Hacker ethic, brogrammer ethic

Ruben Safir ruben at mrbrklyn.com
Mon Jul 7 05:59:15 PDT 2014

> While there's some "these kids today don't appreciate
> what earlier generations built" the problem might
> be that we don't have _enough_ license flamewars.
> At least they got people to think about the norms
> that affect software sharing.

The problem is deeper than this and largely a failure of our own making.
The common public just doesn't get a shit any longer.  As long as they
have a steady supply of the dope of choice, then they could care less
about eulas, crowdsourcing, licenses, source code, tracking, stalking,
survalance, social control, etc etc etc.

I feel sorry for these kids.  I feel like I let them down and they are
entering a very dark chapter in human history.

God help us all..

The experience they are perhaps missing most, and which we failed to
transmit, is the experience of looking at a black screen with nothing
more than a keyboard.  Similarly, they never face a white sheet of paper,
with just a penicil in their hands, or a lump of clay, or a blank
canvass, or a box of blocks even.  Who needs a licensing flamewar in a
generation that can't read and doesn't have access to rich debate, and
which has no understanding of participation, creativity and constuctive
engagement that isn't prepackaged, regurgitated and pre-digested.  

I wanted to use technology in order do tasks, and empower me.  I needed
it to do what I wanted to, and I needed to bend it to my needs.

So when the Phone was invented wealthy aristacrats at a dinner table
said, "So that is your new "telephone".  It rings and you come running!"

We are now a long way from that.  Maybe the first thing we need, at this
point, is to put down the damn mini-tablet/cellphone, turn off the GPS,
pull out a fishing pole, and head out on a boat for an afternoon of

The whole model of technology and human society needs to be reassessed
at this point and we need to take control of our future, which is not
our future any longer, but the future of our children.


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