[linux-elitists] Nadav Har'El about Non-FOSS Android Apps

Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
Tue Jan 14 07:49:27 PST 2014

begin Shlomi Fish quotation of Tue, Jan 14, 2014 at 01:43:27PM +0200:

> below you can find a translation I made (from Hebrew to English) of part of a
> mailing list post by Nadav Har'El ( http://nadav.harel.org.il/ ) which I
> believe you may find interesting:

>     But what did not succeed was to make the customers request free
> [as-in-speech] software when they (and not the creator of the operating system
> or the device) choose a program themselves. For instance, only a small part of
> the Android applications today are free software, and the customers are
> “content” with a gratis and non-free software program.

Image search sites such as Google Image Search and
MSFT Bing make it easy to search Creative
Commons-licensed images only.


However, there's no license search or filter option
in native app stores AFAIK.  You have to use a
third-party directory.

>     If only there was a way to explain to the authors of the mobile
> applications that no, most of them will not get rich from the applications,
> like most of the authors of shareware did not, and it’s just better to write
> free software…

Just write free software and...?

What's the complement to the Free app that the
author gets paid for?  I suppose you could maintain
a high-profile Free app and use that as a demo to
get contract programming work doing branded apps for
marketing projects, but that's a hell of a way to
make a living.

> Original post is here:
> http://hamakor.org.il/pipermail/discussions/2013-September/005026.html

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