[linux-elitists] CFD and CAD and USB3 laptops...

Andy Bennett andyjpb at ashurst.eu.org
Wed Sep 11 15:39:58 PDT 2013


> I do need to run Windows (VMs, not dual-boot) occasionally, and find
> hassling through the which Intel cpus have virtualization a pain, so
> have been sticking to AMD64 CPUs lately.

> So, anyone have any suggestions for what laptop to buy next?  I'm
> enjoying USB3 memory sticks (esp. the Sansa Extreme) so that's a
> requirement,

If you can bear an Intel processor then I'd definitely recommend the
Lenovo Thinkpad X230 either tablet or regular. The i5 model is fine: I
looked at the model numbers and compared the specs: the only things I
could find that it doesn't have compared to the i7 that can also ship in
the X230 is some stuff to do with multi-lane PCIe expansion slots.

It's got a yellow USB connector so I think that means USB3. My tablet
has DisplayPort and VGA but I think the non-tablet version has
mini-DisplayPort and VGA.

It's small and the non-tablet version is super light. It's also got an
ace keyboard and the battery life is pretty good.

I thought the keyboard might not be as good as previous Lenovos because
the X230 has the new chicklet type. However, the first time I used it I
was totally sold and I'm super picky about keyboards: Thinkpad has been
the only Laptop model I've ever got on with.

I run Debian Stable on mine.

If you're in the US (I'm not) then there are (were?) some excellent
bargains to be had on the non-tablet version, especially new ones on eBay.

Unfortunately I can't tell you much about virtualisation because I don't
run it on this machine.


andyjpb at ashurst.eu.org

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