[linux-elitists] Surveillance

Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
Sat Sep 7 17:11:33 PDT 2013

begin Greg KH quotation of Sat, Sep 07, 2013 at 09:37:42AM -0700:
> On Sat, Sep 07, 2013 at 09:03:35AM -0700, Seth David Schoen wrote:
> > Greg KH writes:

> I'm still confused about Don's original point here, what exactly is it?

I don't know.

Ever been in a long Internet argument about something
that neither one of you is going to change his or
her mind on, when all of a sudden Odin rides in on a
T. Rex, lifts his sunglasses, and blasts your opponent
into vapor with an energy beam from his eyes?

And everybody gets all quiet?  Because you wanted
to win but you didn't want the other person to lose
_that_ hard?

Me either, but that's what it feels like reading the
news recently.

If users can trust the builds.

Which means I need to set up that build the source
package and check that the binaries match thing.
Anyone doing this already for your favorite

(Of course, nobody could actually backdoor a
copylefted project because the source releases
would no longer be "corresponding source", and
that's copyright infringement, worse than shooting
the lock off a Coca-Cola machine -- but there are
non-reciprocally-licensed components to think about.)

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