[linux-elitists] Browser fingerprinting

Jeremy Hankins nowan at nowan.org
Wed Oct 9 06:28:09 PDT 2013

Ruben Safir <ruben at mrbrklyn.com> writes:

> I don't care if they advertise on Monday beauty products
> because on Monday women feel vernibable.  What I care about is that they
> track my daughter on her trip to school.

You have this exactly backwards, imo.  Neither my daughter nor I are
under any particular _personal_ threat from tracking.  In that sense I
sympathize with people who say "Who the f** cares?" about tracking,
targeted ads, and so on.

The mistake they make is the same as the one you're making.  They fail
to appreciate that these things shape our culture.  Even if (hopefully)
my daughter has enough self esteem and personal strength not to be
affected by these ads, she's still living in a culture that they're

Jeremy Hankins <nowan at nowan.org>

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