[linux-elitists] "Commerce" does not mean "collecting rent from protected monopolies"

Tony Godshall togo at of.net
Tue Oct 8 15:47:25 PDT 2013

>> > The "hostility to commerce" claim is absurd on its face, given that it
>> > nearly always boils down to "But under these licences my competitors can
>> > engage in commerce using the software!"
>> Re-read my comment.  I'm saying the GPL is seen as anti-commerce, not
>> that it *is*, though there's no doubt in my mind its *author* can be
>> rather hostile to commerce.
> That's an odd claim to make, given that RMS funded the FSF/GNU project
> in the early days through sales of EMACS tapes.  I'd say he's got more
> sales under his belt than you probably do, tough guy.
> Also I never talked about your relationship to the claim.

Fine, he's not hostile to commerce, he just uses terminology that
scares corporations.


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