[linux-elitists] Browser fingerprinting

Raistlin Majere raistlin at majere.net
Sun Oct 6 12:54:33 PDT 2013

I was rather surprised that it also indicated that mine was unique ..
I simply run Firefox 24 on Linux, with no scripts and cookies turned
off .. I would have thought that to be relatively common among
security conscience Linux folks.


On 10/06/2013 02:23 PM, Andy Bennett wrote:
> Hi,
>> Unfortunately, Firefox appears to be highly fingerprintable.
>> https://panopticlick.eff.org/ says "Your browser fingerprint
>> appears to be unique among the 3,458,043 tested so far."
>> Ouch.  Got to get my act together here.  But of course the more
>> that I customize, the more unique my browser looks.
>> Who's got a browser that comes up reasonably generic on
>> Panopticlick, and what did you do?
> I'm running Iceweasel on Debian and I'm unique in their set as
> well.
> Judging from their summary table, the "System Fonts" entry seems to
> be the thing that identifies me. Fonts from my ~/.fonts/ directory
> are being listed there so I guess I've got the system set plus my
> personal set. I wonder how unique the system set is and how much of
> it comes from the base OS and how much is contributed from
> selectable packages.
> Perhaps Debian's popcon can be put to work to shed some light on 
> possible font packaging refactoring?
> Regards, @ndy

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