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Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Jul 31 12:36:06 PDT 2013

Quoting Bob Bernstein (rs at bernstein.providence.ri.us):

> Will a text-based browser (links, lynx) insulate one from the 
> image-based java tricks described in the linked article?

The blogger's reference to 'the java script' was a typo/editing error.
Intended reference was 'the JavaScript'.

Anyone who's looked at Web security seriously (such as Samy Kankar with
his 'Evercookie' demonstration vehicle for storing and perpetuating
client-side information) quickly realises that JavaScript is _the_
keystone component for all kinds of Web misbehaviour, and thus that
reining in the pervasive overfeaturedness and poor design foisted on us
by generations of short-attention-span Web weenies starts with
custom-configured NoScript as a minimal requirement.

Or, yes, you can resort to a text-mode Web browser, most of which don't
do JavaScript at all.  (Ironically, you cited the only one that does,

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