[linux-elitists] targeted-advertising-considered-harmful/ ...comments welcome

Teh Entar-Nick nick at teh.entar.net
Wed Jul 31 06:00:04 PDT 2013

Don Marti:
> I'll check the fallback fonts in the CSS and make sure that the page
> looks reasonable with them.  Does your distribution of choice have PT
> Sans and Bitstream Charter packaged?

Oh, I don't let sites set their own fonts.  I don't yet trust freetype
with unverified third-party input, and besides the ubuntu and ubuntu
mono fonts look pretty good in just about all situations.  Why not just
say when you want a serif font, when you want sans, and let me choose
the ones that look best for me?

Hey, how come nobody here in the future
has a time machine except me?

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